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This contemporary Thai restaurant claims to cook up modern Thai comfort food, and I can confirm that their claim is 100% valid.

I tried out Ngam on a recent trip to New York City, and was not disappointed at all. I follow a gluten free diet and attempt to limit the simple sugars and carbs in my diet, but Manhattan can get expensive if you don’t know where to go. Luckily Ngam turned out to be the perfect fit for my food restrictions and wallet!

I went during lunch time, and although the lunch specials were affordable and very tempting (only $8 – 10 bucks!), I ended up ordering the Green Papaya Pad Thai with Tofu.

I’m not a vegetarian and there was the option to add meat or fish for a few dollars extra, but I decided to keep it simple and go with the chef’s recommendation.


The noodles were julienned from a green papaya, giving the dish a slightly tangy, unique and seriously delicious flavor. My partner’s regular pad thai with chicken was equally as delicious, with a more traditional peanut flavor to it. His was made with rice noodles, so it was also a friendly option for the gluten-phobes out there.

After lunch my partner ordered a Thai iced tea to go, which was a delicious way to combat the suffocating Manhattan summer heat.

They do not have a dedicated gluten free kitchen so celiacs need to be aware of the small risk of cross-contamination, but they are committed to serving the gluten-free community so their menu has no shortage of well-marked gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.

Ngam sources their produce from local farms when possible, and serve hormone-free beef chicken and pork, as well as organic, cage-free eggs and dairy. This makes it an all-star contender for favorite

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